Tuesday February 5, 2019

Recurring Announcements

  1. Instrument repair request form is HERE
  2. Permission to Leave Band Event with Parent– print/sign this form. 
  3. Cryar Accomp Schedule
  4. Christensen Accomp Schedule
  5. Jazz Tour Letter/Information
  6. M100 Spring Calendar 2019 Dates


  1. Solo/Ensemble Itinerary 2.9.19 (Temple College)
  2. There are 15 more TT spots for ensemble member only. 
  3. Trumpet Choir-Wednesday/Friday Tiger Time
  4. Trombone Choir-Wed/Friday before school-7:45 a.m. both days
  5. After school rehearsal for Symphonic 1 today. 

2/9-TCGC Winter Guard contest/Georgetown
2/9      UIL Solo/Ensemble, Temple College
2/11     Combined Rehearsal w/NBMS Wind Ensemble @ BHS during W. Ens. Class
2/12     Combined Rehearsal w/SBMS Wind Ensemble @ BHS during W. Ens. Class
2/13-15-TMEA All-State Convention, San Antonio.