Thursday February 28, 2019

  1. Instrument repair request form is HERE
  2. Permission to Leave Band Event with Parent– print/sign this form. 
  3. M100 Spring Calendar 2019 Dates


  1. Sign up for TSSEC (Texas State Solo/Ensemble Contest) by Tuesday March 5 (NOTE: Your selection does not have to be the one you actually perform; you can change it all the way up to May 1; we just need to register ASAP to get our spots on Saturday, June 1.
  2. 3rd/4th trumpets from choir…tomorrow during TT…you can sign up now.
  3. Symphonic 2 rehearsal this afternoon is at the 9 in the orchestra room. 
  4. March 8…next Friday…..that is the day that you must  be passing all your classes to go to UIL Concert/SR


2/28     Symphonic 2 afternoon rehearsal
3/1       Combined Rehearsal w/LBMS Wind Ensemble @BHS during W. Ens. Class
3/2-3    WGI Regional Winter Guard Contest – Rouse HS, Leander