Thursday December 6, 2018

  1. Instrument repair request form is HERE
  2. Permission to Leave Band Event with Parent– print/sign this form.  
  3. If a school instrument is damaged due to negligence, the student will be responsible for paying the repair bill. 
  4. UIL Solo/Ensemble Contest
    1. Signup link
  5. After school rehearsals for Holiday Concert (to include percussion)
    Thurs 12/6 – 4:45-6:45 Sym 2 in Band Hall
    Mon 12/10 – All Classes in PAC, Concert 7pm
  6.  2018 All Region Results


    12/15/2018 All-Region Orch Baylor- (see 2018 Reg Orch forDetails)
    1/12/2019 Area tryouts for All-State Duncanville HS
    1/18/2019 All-Reg. Band Clinic CCHS
    1/19/2018 All-Reg. Band Clinic/Concert CCHS
  2.  All-Region Freshman Tryouts Saturday 12/8
    1. 8:00-Load @ BHS
    2. 8:15-Depart for Shoemaker HS
    3. 9:15-Students register at rooms, judges meet
    4. 10:00-Auditions begin
    5. 3:00-Approximate time auditions end
    6. 4:00-Approximate time students arrive at BHS
  3. Orchestra Winds/Perc; Thursday’s schedule
    1. You are excused from 4th period to get to PAC as quickly as possible for a run-through
    2. New Tech students
      1. Catch the 11:18 shuttle over to BHS
      2. Orchestra 4th period, band 5th, then lunch/shuttle back as usual
    3. Be dressed/ready to go seated in band hall @ 7:00
  4. Band holiday concert is next Monday evening @7:00; we’ll be in formals. Guys….you need a white shirt, remember. Buttons and stuff. We provide the bow tie. 
  5. Let’s refine Tiger Time a bit more:
    1. Your first responsibility is to come to sit in a chair for attendance. If you are not in a chair @ 1:55, you’ll be counted absent
    2. If you signed up for a particular thing….for instance, All-Region practice….that’s what you’ll be doing. Anything else and you’ll be unable to use TT. 
    3. If you are in another teacher’s TT, then that’s where you will be; you will not be in the band hall. 
    4. When you are practicing, you will be practicing a particular thing, like All Region music or a UIL solo or a sectional for band. You will not be playing section songs, stands music, etc. 
  6. Clean out your lockers by Friday or they get emptied for you; need to reassign lockers now that marching inst. are gone. 
  7. Take your water jug home by Friday; if it’s still here after that, names will be removed and they will be cleaned and sanitized to go to a band member next year for half price.