Tuesday May 1, 2018

  1. Instrument repair request form is HERE
  2. Permission to Leave Band Event with Parent– print/sign this form.  
  3. This year the boosters will be sponsoring a Spaghetti Dinner in conjunction with the Band-O-Rama; information and tickets are available from the home page. 
  4. Jazz Band Auditions 2018
    1. Billie’s Bounce
  5. TSSEC Perf. Schedule 18


  1. Banquet:
    1. May 4, Friday-7:00 p.m.
    2. Bell County Expo Center
    3. More than 450 M100 members, families, and supporters will be in attendance to celebrate a great year for a very special group of members and seniors. 
  2. Rehearsal for Band-o- Rama:
    1. Tuesday May 8 – 4:30-6:00
    2. Rehearsal and the Band-o-Rama itself are, of course, mandatory. 
  3. Will you play saxophone in the Belton High School Band next year? You need to submit information here
  4. Orchestra members don’t forget rehearsal during study hall on Thursday, then concert in the evening. 
  5. Seniors….we are expecting all 50 of you to be at the banquet, and you’ll be recognized individually; if you will not be attending please let one of the directors know by Wednesday.
  6. Are you interested in a prep camp designed specifically to prepare you for drum major tryouts one day? The Crossmen sponsor that camp. Click here.