Here is how YOU help

How can you get involved and help the band program?

There are many opportunities to help the band program, here are the upcoming ways:

Concession Stand

 Our largest fundraiser is the concessions at Tiger Field. We have partnered with BISD Nutrition to make this a successful venture but we need your help! Belton Band Boosters supply the volunteers needed to work the events by setting up, serving and cleaning up at the end of the event. We have set up the volunteer schedule to encourage participation by all families. You will be able to sign up for concessions based on your student’s grade (Varsity games) and section (sub-varsity games).  Use the link below the list to sign up today!!


Sub-Varsity:                                                                          Varsity:
August 23rd Varsity Scrimmage – Everyone!!               August 31st – Senior Parents
August 30th – Varsity Color Guard                                  Sept. 14th – Junior Parents
September 5th – BDL Parents                                         Sept 28th – Soph. Parents
September 13th – Trumpet Parents                     Oct. 19th – Middle School Parents
September 20th – JV Color Guard Parents                 Nov. 2nd – Freshman Parents
September 27th – Clarinet Parents                           Varsity Game Sign Up Link
October 4th – Low Reed Parents
October 18th – Flute/Mello Parents         
October 25th – Booster Exec Board members
November 1st – Trombones/Baritones     
November 8th – Tuba Parents
Sub Varsity Game Link