Friday March 8, 2019

  1. Instrument repair request form is HERE
  2. Permission to Leave Band Event with Parent– print/sign this form. 
  3. M100 Spring Calendar 2019 Dates
  4. 2019 Middle School UIL
  5. Sign up for TSSEC


  1. We have confirmed your registration and selections for TSSEC? Did we miss anyone?
  2. March 8… today… the day that you must  be passing all your classes to go to UIL Concert/SR
  3. The 2nd Annual “BANDING TOGETHER” fund-raiser is coming up on April 13. Each section will have a themed basket in the auction. We ask that each student donates $10 toward items for the section baskets. A section liaison has been assigned and will be reaching out to you. Monies are due by March 29th.
    Tickets for the concert are on sale now! Adults are $12 and students are $7. Buy your tickets today!


3/11-15     Spring Break