Monday December 10, 2018

  1. Instrument repair request form is HERE
  2. Permission to Leave Band Event with Parent– print/sign this form.
  3. If a school instrument is damaged due to negligence, the student will be responsible for paying the repair bill.
  4.  2018 All Region Results
    12/15/2018 All-Region Orch Baylor- (see 2018 Reg Orch forDetails)
    1/12/2019 Area tryouts for All-State Duncanville HS
    1/18/2019 All-Reg. Band Clinic CCHS
    1/19/2018 All-Reg. Band Clinic/Concert CCHS


  1. Band holiday concert is  tonight @7:00; we’ll be in formals. Guys….you need a white shirt, remember. Buttons and stuff. We provide the bow tie.
  2. Here are the Holiday Concert Logistics 2018; let’s cover expectations.
  3. You’ve seen that big box over there with smaller shoe boxes inside?The shoeboxes are wrapped in Christmas paper and filled with toys, hats, scarfs, and other little goodies. After being filled they are given out to children in need this Christmas. Please bring your empty shoe boxes from home to put to a good use.
  4. Congratulations to 7 more All-Region Band members from Saturday’s Freshman tryouts:
    1. Emily Revis, Wesley Park, Alex Rendon, Micaiah Guthrie, Ezekiel Trahan, Andrew Johnson, Dindy Brown