February 25, 2019

  1. Instrument repair request form is HERE
  2. Permission to Leave Band Event with Parent– print/sign this form. 
  3. Jazz Tour Letter/Information
  4. M100 Spring Calendar 2019 Dates
  5. March 8….that is the day that you must  be passing all your classes to go UIL Concert/SR


  1. Wind Ensemble this afternoon
  2. Big day in Cedar Park for the Winter Guard….both groups placed 3rd in their respective divisions! Congratulations on the placement!
  3. Arthur Motl won the Durward Howard Scholarship at the Music Club of Temple’s Scholarship Recital Saturday….congrats to Arthur. 


2/25     Wind Ensemble afternoon rehearsal
2/26     Symphonic 1 afternoon rehearsal
2/28     Symphonic 2 afternoon rehearsal
3/1       Combined Rehearsal w/LBMS Wind Ensemble @BHS during W. Ens. Class